Jorge's Habit Habanero Sea Salt


It is with deep regret that the San Bernardino County Health department has informed us that we were in violation by providing shipping to our customers to deliver our products to you.  We are a Cottage Food Operator (CFO) and are not premitted by the health department to offer shipping using any thrid parties USPS, UPS etc.  We are able to deliver our selves to locations in the Morongo basin or the Coachella Valley.

We are desperatly trying to find a way to continue shipping.  It will take time to get it figured out, yet I assure you we will get it figured out.  Please contatct us here and I will put your email address on a list and notify you as soon as we can ship again.  

Also feel free to us the contact us link with the area you live in and I will tell you our upcoming events/festivals in that area.

Thank you,

Brandy and George

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Jorge's Habit Habanero Sea Salt infuses the amazing flavor of the habanero and sea salt to create a salty explosion with a smooth kick.

Jorge's Habit Habanero salt does have heat from the habanero, yet mild enough for the average palate to enjoy.  Depending on how it is used in your recipes you can have more heat or less heat, and at the same time experience the unique delicious flavor of the habanero that in other forms would be too hot for many.  See our recipes for yummy ideas.  Of course you can even just LICK IT!