There are many uses for Jorge's Habit Habanero Salt.  For some quick ideas read on.  You can also see our recipes for more. 

Several of Jorge's Habit groupies agree that they can now enjoy foods that they once only ate because they needed to.

Here are a few:

 Scrambled eggs: Yes it is amazing, use your recipe and replace your salt with JH.

 Asparagus: Again just use your recipe or find one you like and give it a try!

 Steamed white rice: Wow!  This can make plain white rice into something to crave!  (can be spicy this way, see our recipes)

 Hard boiled eggs:  No need to coat in mayo, a little Jorge's Habit is perfect on it's own with the egg!

There are many more ways to use Jorge's Habit Habanero Salt!

Check back often for more ideas!  They just keep oozing out.