Jorge's Habit is available in four flavors


Original -This is our Original recipe, the first flavor created.  It is very versatile, it can be used to enhance anything you are preparing.  Jorge's Habit Original is a great flavor, especially if you are undecided on what flavor would work best for you and your cooking.   You can easily use the Jorge's Habit Original in all your dishes that require salt, including sweets!     


Garlic-Just as the name suggests this is the original with garlic too!  The Garlic is not as spicy as the Original yet still produces the flavor of the habanero AND garlic, YUM!  This is perfect for any savory dish that requires salt even if the recipe does not call for garlic (as long as you like garlic).


Smoked-Our Smoked is a nice bold flavor.  None of that liquid smoke stuff here!  Jorge's Habit Smoked flavor is smoked with wood chips for just the right amount of time to achieve it's unique delicious flavor.  No joke, it's smoked!  (Just like really good BBQ places do)  


El Fuego- The El Fuego has the strongest habanero flavor, as well as the most heat.  It offers a nice balance of salt, habanero, and spice. 


All of our flavors are made in small batches with pride and excitement for others to experience.

smoked 3 jar family





Our Smoked flavor has a nice bold flavor from the smoking process.  We achieve the Smoked flavor by taking our Original flavor and smoking it in a smoker with a blend of wood chips. 

This pairs nicely with grilling meats or vegatables.  Great in guacamole, or sliced tomatoes.  Use it any time you saute or steam green vegatables.  This is also our recommended flavor to use in our Bloody Mary recipe.

Original 3 jar family




Jorge's Habit Original flavor is just that.  Habanero and sea salt.  Nothing else.  Simple and so yummy! 

Our Original flavor is our most versatile.  It can be used with savory dishes as well as sweet dishes, even when baking.  If you are following a recipe you can replace Jorge's Habit for the salt the recipe calls for, use the same amount. Great on margaritas too!

Garlic 3 jar family




The Garlic is our most mild on the heat level of all four flavors.  It has a great garlic flavor with a small kick from the habanero.  If you are a fan of garlic, you will love this flavor.