Bloody Mary

bloody mary jorges habit habanero sea salt

We made our version of the Bloody Mary to be easy and so delicious!  Perfect for Sunday brunch, or Monday brunch, or Tuesday...

What you need:

  • Ice cubes
  • vodka (brand of your choice)
  • clam tomato juice
  • bloody mary tomato mix/juice (preferably the regular flavor)
  • worcestershire
  • horseradish (in the jar, not the sandwich spread)
  • siracha (or your favorite hot sauce like Tabasco, Red Hot)
  • key limes
  • green olives

Seasonings needed:

  • Jorge's Habit (can use either Original, Garlic or Smoked)
  • celery salt
  • black pepper (strongly recommend fresh ground)
  • cumin (ground)

How to make:

Halve one lime, and cut one half into half again (so you will have one half and two quarters)

With one quarter of lime rim glass with lime (moisten the rim of the glass so Jorge's Habit will stick to it)

Gently press lime rimed glass into shallow bowl of Jorge's Habit to coat the rim

Place ice cubes in to glass taking care not to knock off Jorg'es Habit from the rim (almost full of ice)

sprinkle one pinch (good size pinch) of each of the following over the ice:

     Jorge's Habit

     celery salt

     black pepper


Now add 1/2 tsp of each of the following to the glass:



     hot sauce (siracha or whatever you like)

     green olive juice

Add the liquid ingredients to the glass:

     1 shot vodka

     1 shot clam tomato juice

     2 shots bloody mary mix

     squeeze half of lime juice into glass

Gently stir with spoon or celery stick and garnish with celery stick with green olives and lime slice using a toothpick to attach olives and lime slice to celery stick.

Sprinkle a little celery salt, Jorge's Habit and black pepper on top.  

SERVE with a side shot of vodka to pour on top (optional)

Tips and other ideas:

For the garnish feel free to get creative!  Try a dill pickle spear, or pickled asparagus, carrot, or add a sprig of fresh cilantro or basil or rosemary.  Have fun with it!

Want to try something out of the box?  Instead of vodka try gin or tequila.  If you like gin, you gotta try it!

This recipe is made so it is easy to make a pitcher or larger batch.  Just convert the shot measurements to parts.  In other words you would use 1 part vodka, 1 part clam tomato juice and 2 parts bloody mary mix.  It is best to do the rest of the instructions by the glass.  If you make a pitcher full; add the ice to the individual glasses and not the pitcher. Store in fridge until ready to pour.

It is best to have all the liquid ingredients cold.  Otherwise you risk melting the ice to soon.


We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!